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As a powerlifter, I have to load lots of plates on the bar for deadlifts, which can get tiring and can stop energy for my working sets. I have found deadlift jacks to be helpful in this regard, but [they are] often bulky and take up a lot of space. The Genesis Jack replaced my full size jack and it’s just as easy to use while being lightweight and packable. I would argue it’s the best and most convenient Jack money can buy.

The Genesis Jack is very user-friendly and can handle a lot more weight than what a person might think by looking at it. The owners took the time to make sure this smaller piece of equipment can function nearly as well as a full deadlift jack.

Space in my gym is pretty limited, so as the weight on my deadlift went up, I was not looking forward to having to get a giant dead lift jack...

Honestly the Genesis Jack is worth every penny. It barely weighs anything, takes up no space and makes my deadlift day a lot faster and easier. If you’re thinking about it just buy it.