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əˈdroit | adjective
the clever or skillful in using the hands or mind.


Introducing the ADROIT LANDMINE 2.0 –

Elevate Your Home Gym Experience: For the discerning weightlifter who seeks the pinnacle of gym equipment, the ADROIT LANDMINE 2.0 emerges as an indispensable asset. This superior landmine is meticulously crafted to enhance every workout, ensuring unmatched precision and fluidity in every move.

Unprecedented Flexibility: Boasting unlimited articulation, the ADROIT LANDMINE 2.0 is a true testimony to flexibility. Whether you're targeting compound exercises or specific muscle groups, its wide range of motion ensures that your exercises are both dynamic and effective.

Craftsmanship That Speaks: Every inch of the ADROIT LANDMINE 2.0 gleams with quality. A robust powder-coated steel tube paired with a protective polycarbonate liner ensures your barbell sleeve remains impeccable. High-grade materials like anodized aluminum and acetal come together with built-in thrust bearings to offer smooth functioning, compatible with both 5/8" and 1" rack holes.

Swift Installation and Compact Storage: Designed for convenience, the Adroit Landmine can be swiftly attached or removed with the provided acetal hand nut. Opt for the magnet mount, and benefit from its space-saving design that hugs your rack closely, ensuring the equipment is always within arm's reach.

Remote Mount - Freedom Redefined: Choose the Remote Mount option and revel in uninhibited movement. Using the same efficient bearing system as the rack mount, this feature allows you to utilize the Adroit Landmine in any setting. With a post crafted from 6061 aluminum that seamlessly slides through the plate and a quick-release knob, installation and removal are effortless. A securing bottom plate ensures stability during intense sessions.

Honoring the Adroit Legacy: We haven't forgotten our Adroit 1.0 aficionados. Upgrade seamlessly with our retro-fit kit, tailored to replace the original 1.0 bracket. Compatible with both 5/8" and 1" setups, users can effortlessly integrate their existing landmine tube. 

A Complimentary Touch: Every ADROIT LANDMINE 2.0, including the retro-fit kit option, comes equipped with an AbMat Barbell Pillow. This thoughtful inclusion ensures added comfort during your workouts, letting you focus solely on your form and intensity.

Step into a world where precision meets performance with the ADROIT LANDMINE 2.0. Equip your home gym with excellence, and witness the transformation in your workout regimen. 

The Adroit 2.0 Landmine is assembled by hand in Arizona.

  • Compatible with both 5/8" and 1" applications
  • Spherical and thrust bearings
  • CNC Aluminum components
  • The steel components are powder coated in a matte black
  • Acetal hand nut for rack protection and ease of relocating
  • Polycarbonate sleeve for barbell protection
  • AbMat barbell pillow
  • 1" adapter sleeve included

We anticipate seeing our customers falling in love with this piece and it's many uses.

Assembly instructions are included in every order, however, you can always find the assembly instructions for each landmine adaption below:



VAT/import fees are NOT included and fall under the customers' responsibility. Kleva Built Corp is not responsible for carrier/shipping delays. If shipment is refused the customer is responsible for shipping costs back to Kleva Built.

Kleva Built, Corp has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Kleva Built, Corp. is not responsible for injury caused by improper use of the Adroit Landmine. By purchasing this landmine you are agreeing that Kleva Built, Corp. is not liable in any way for any personal injury or injury caused by use of the Adroit Landmine.



Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Howay Yang
Beautiful and functional

The Adroit Landmine 2.0 is as beautiful as it is functional! Having had 2 other Landmines from other companies, this KB Adroit is on another level. And not only is the product amazing, the owner also went above and beyond to make sure everything would work well with my specific rack setup. In the end, I was able to get the Adroit Landmine 2.0 with magnet mount to work with my REP PR5000 with Athena selectorized weight stack! Absolutely love it!

Casey Futral Futral
Great attachment!

Just received mine a few weeks ago. Was just going to get a Rogue to match my rack. But I am so glad I went with this one. Also miles apart from the cheap Amazon post mounted one I have been using. Would recommend.

Saw this at HGC and fell in love

Couldn't be happier with the KLEVA BUILT landmine upgrade. The design frees up space around the base of the upright compared to my Rep landmine. Function is smooth with good range of motion for my movements.
Oh and it looks pretty awesome.

Andrew S
The Best Landmine

I’ve owned other landmines in the past, and was close to purchasing another from one of the big brands when I stumbled upon Kleva Built. It’s a bit more expensive but far superior to the other options. I had initially planned on buying a beater bar to use with one of the other landmines, but the Kleva Built is so well done I am comfortable using my $500 barbell in it without worrying about it being damaged over time, so that saved me about $100 over one of the cheaper landmine options (and they aren’t all that much cheaper). Overall, super impressed with the quality and attention to detail, and happy to support a small company. I just ordered the single and double landmine handles as well, very excited to receive them.

2.0 “Retro-fit kit” is a great upgrade over 1.0

This really improves ROM and mounting options. Happy they made it such and easy upgrade. They even include the barbell pillow! Highly recommend upgrading if you have 1.0 or buying the 2.0 if you’re looking for a landmine.