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Introducing the Kleva Built ISO-GRIP Handles –

The ISO-GRIP is here to cut through the clutter of overcomplicated workout gear. Sold as a pair, these aluminum cable handles are built for those who demand efficiency and longevity from their equipment.

Lightweight Advantage: Unlike traditional steel handles, the ISO-GRIP is designed to be lighter, so you can focus on form and function during your pulldown and pushdown routines. 

Smooth Mechanics: Each handle features a CNC machined stainless steel attachment point, ensuring a frictionless connection to your cable system for movements as smooth as silk.

Sure Grip: The aluminum handles have passive knurling that guarantees a secure grip, providing confidence through every rep and set without compromising on comfort.

Focus on Form: Finished with ergonomic acetal ball ends, these handles are tailored to support your hands naturally, allowing you to target muscles with precision.

Durable and Dependable: With a combination of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, the ISO-GRIP stands up to daily use, outlasting and outperforming the standard gym fare.

  • Dimensions
Handle Length/Material - 6" Aluminum
Handle Diameter - 29mm
Acetal Ball End Diameter - 2"

The ISO-GRIP is your straightforward solution for a superior cable workout - designed to be lighter, smoother, and simply better.


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Kleva Built, Corp has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Kleva Built, Corp. is not responsible for injury caused by improper use of the Adroit Landmine. By purchasing this landmine you are agreeing that Kleva Built, Corp. is not liable in any way for any personal injury or injury caused by use of the Adroit Landmine.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Albanese

My first order from Kleva, definitely quality craftsmanship. The Iso-Grips are great they certainly serve their purpose, good price too. The only thing Id like is a little bit more aggressive knurling but I knew this going in as its clearly stated passive. However I do like the product, if anything it'll only help my grip strength, form and function. Again very well made and Ill definitely be back for the Adroit, some weight plate storage and the Atlas.

Todd L
A bit long

I love all my Klevabuilt products. The ISO-Grips arrived in Klevabuilts standard premium packaging.. no dings or damage during shipping. The manufacturing and machining on these is high quality, as are all my Klevabuilt products. The aesthetics of these are awesome. I really like the passive knurling of the handle and the acetal end ball keeps my hand from slipping of the end of the grip. My issue is the the 6” length feels awkward depending on my hand position. I like to have my hand placement close to the coupling, but then the acetal ball doesn’t really do its intended job. If I move my hand position to just on top of the ball, the handle rotates and I start working my wrist unless I stand far away. I probably would have been better off with a single rope grip or a 3” micro-grip. These will take some getting used to.

Matt P.
Love Kleva Built's unique approach to the Nunchaku-style attachment!

While the Nunchaku-style attachment certainly isn't a novel concept, I absolutely love what Kleva Built has done here with these Iso-Grips!

As is the case with all products from Kleva Built, the Iso-Grips are expertly crafted and competitively priced! Each handle is 6 inches in length, 29mm in diameter, and features a uniform and consistent passive knurling pattern which provides plenty of grip without tearing up the hands.

At one end of the grip, you'll find a meticulously CNC-machined stainless steel attachment point, featuring smoothly rounded internal edges to minimize carabiner friction. Meanwhile, the other end is equipped with a protective Acetal ball for added functionality!

All in all, I'm a big fan of what Kleva Built has done with these grips and highly suggest grabbing a pair if you're in the market!

Not what I expected

I was excited about getting these but have a few issues. The knurling is way too passive, yo the point it almost isn’t there. Then the rubber balls on the bottom are extremely slick and do not help hold any grip to keep the hand on the attachment. For the price, I was expecting a much better product.

Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your valuable feedback and ongoing support. I would like to address some of the points raised in your review.

Regarding the knurling on the Iso-Grips, it is indeed designed to be passive, as mentioned in our product description. We consciously chose not to use aggressive knurling since this is a cable attachment, believing that such a feature is more appropriate for barbells where maximum grip is essential. Furthermore, the balls at the end of the grips are made of acetal and are not meant to serve as a gripping point. Their purpose is to act as a hand stopper, easing pressure on your grip during use. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us in our continuous effort to improve our products.

- Steve