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Introducing the Genesis Jack PRO –

Evolution of Excellence: Building upon the success of our beloved handheld Genesis Jack, we're excited to introduce its next iteration - the Genesis Jack PRO. Thoughtfully engineered, it's our vision of the ideal blend between ergonomic design and efficiency for passionate weightlifters.

Craftsmanship Meets Aerospace Precision: The Genesis Jack PRO boasts a harmonious union of steel and 7075 aluminum, a material lauded in the aerospace industry for its lightness and strength. This unique fusion results in a jack that's not just resilient but also impressively lightweight, weighing in at a significant 60-80% LIGHTER than many counterparts.

Fulcrum Design: The innovative essence of our original Genesis Jack is seamlessly carried forward into the PRO, thanks to its distinctive fulcrum design. This embodiment of ergonomic brilliance ensures an unparalleled weightlifting experience.

Efficiency in Every Detail: The intelligently designed handle placement, coupled with its lightweight nature, is crafted to conserve your energy for the actual lift. It's about ensuring every ounce of your strength is utilized where it matters most.

Redefining Stability and Convenience: With the Genesis Jack PRO, say goodbye to the common irritants like bar "sag". Its broader design guarantees your plates remain elevated, eliminating any undesired contact with the ground. Furthermore, its bolt-together composition means more economical shipping for our valued customers.

For those with barbells that exceed standard lengths, fret not. We offer flange spacers to enhance the width of the jack, catering to your unique needs.

Experience a new chapter in weightlifting with the Genesis Jack PRO. It’s where ergonomic design meets peak efficiency. Enhance your lifting sessions, and let your commitment to quality shine through.

The Genesis Jack PRO® deadlift jack is assembled by hand in Arizona.

• Finish: Matte Black Powder Coated Finish

• Weight: 13lbs

• Construction: Mild Steel/7075 Aluminum

• Grip: Injection molded Acetal grip with finger recessions designed ensure a comfortable and controlled use.

• Receiver Hooks: Injection molded Acetal inserts for 180 degrees of bar protection.

• Base: Utilizes ABS injection molded plastic feet for floor/platform protection.

• Hardware: Stainless Steel 





      *some assembly required (assembly tools included)

      *Avoid using on softer rubber mats and ensure surface is flat.

      *Bars with xtremely aggressive knurling will decrease life of the receiver hooks.

      *The Genesis Jack Pro was designed to be used with 450mm OD weight plates and barbells with a diameter of <30mm. Failing to use equipment outside of these dimensions will negatively impact the performance of the jack.

      *VAT/import fees are NOT included and fall under the customers' responsibility. Kleva Built Corp is not responsible for carrier/shipping delays. If shipment is refused the customer is responsible for shipping costs back to Kleva Built. 

       Kleva Built, Corp has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

      Kleva Built, Corp. is not responsible for injury caused by
      improper use 
      of the Genesis Jack Pro.
      As much as it looks like one, the Genesis Jack Pro is NOT a weapon.
      By purchasing this jack you are agreeing that Kleva Built, Corp. is not liable in any way for any personal injury or injury caused by use of the Genesis Jack Pro.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Best Big Jack on the Market

      Well Kleva did it again. After having used their original and subsequent versions of the Genesis Jack, I didn't think I'd ever consider getting a full jack due to the weight and size, but Kleva upped the game again Not only is this jack extremely light, it makes lifting even the heaviest of loads a breeze. It has the same great machining and protection as the latest Genesis Jack, but now in a nice convenient full jack form. This jack is also slightly wider than your standard full jacks, which really comes into play when using a deadlift bar with heavy loads. Less wide jacks will let the bar bend with heavier loads where the weights can end up touching the ground, which defeats the purpose of a full jack. Highly recommended if you have the space in your gym.


      Fantastic construction, nice convenient upgrade from the regular single jack for stability and quickness. Don't miss out when they become available!

      Mark Verity
      Best Full Jack Ever

      It is just as amazing as you would imagine, and then some! Premium EVERYTHING, down to the packaging and the thoughtfulness that went into every little detail. Thank you for an incredible deadlift jack!

      Erik christensen
      It's perfect. Save your back and just buy it.

      I bought the Genesis Jack Pro for my home gym more than 6 months ago. I've been using every week, as have my workout partners. We all love it. It's very light and easy to use. We had an individual jack before that and I'm not sure I could go back to those primitive days:). Awesome product. I need more stuff in my gym that is heavy duty but light like this.

      Nick m
      Lite and awesome

      This is by far the best jack I've use either at gyms or in competitions. I have it in my home gym and it works flawlessly. It's also so lite I can move it around easily with 1 hand or hang it out of the way if I need to.