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Plate Storage Post (PAIR)


Introducing the Kleva Built Plate Storage Post –

Transform your gym space with the sleek and robust Kleva Built Plate Storage Post, the newest offering from Kleva Built. This professional-grade weight organization accessory is not only a model of industrial design but also a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating efficient and high-quality fitness solutions. 

Robust Durability: Crafted entirely from 100% stainless steel, the Kleva Built Plate Storage Post is CNC machined to embody strength and precision. The integrity of the design provides a secure, snug fit, ensuring there's no slop or wobble when loading or unloading your plates. Durability meets design in this elegant solution to weight storage.

Precision Engineered: Each post is a reflection of our attention to detail, measuring 9" in length and with a diameter just shy of 50mm to accommodate standard plates with ease. The precision engineering extends to the stainless steel hardware, available for both 5/8 inch and 1-inch rack applications, allowing for versatile installation on a variety of rack systems. True to Kleva Built’s signature style, the Plate Storage Post boasts a machined end cap adorned with our logo for a sophisticated touch. The aesthetic appeal complements its functionality, making it an elegant addition to any fitness setting.

Protective Additions: We understand that your equipment is an investment. The included acetal washer is designed to create a buffer between your post and rack, while the acetal plate spacer keeps your plates distanced from the rack uprights to prevent any potential damage. These thoughtful inclusions highlight Kleva Built’s dedication to protecting and prolonging the life of your fitness gear.

Unboxing Experience: As with all Kleva Built products, the Plate Storage Posts come in packaging designed with the same level of detail as the product itself. From the moment you begin the unboxing process, you'll appreciate the care and quality that goes into every aspect of your experience.

The Kleva Built Plate Storage Posts are sold in pairs, ensuring symmetry and balance for your storage needs. The package includes all necessary stainless steel hardware, ensuring that you have everything required for a straightforward, secure setup. Also included are adapters for 1" applications. 

Upgrade your fitness environment with the Kleva Built Plate Storage Post and experience the perfect blend of form and function. Say goodbye to disorganized weights and hello to a streamlined, efficient workout space.

  • Dimensions
  Material - Stainless Steel
  Length -  9"
  Diameter - 50mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris Helson
Plate storage post (pair)

I bought these to act as weight horns for my lever arms and they definitely didn't disappoint. The stainless steel looks awesome and once you tighten them on, there's no wiggle at all. My plates all fit tight like they're supposed to and best of all, they only use up a single hole on my lever arms. Paired with my mutant metal stainless handles, the setup is very functional and looks sick!! I can't wait to order more products from KlevaBuilt. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and even the way they package their products is unmatched!!


Besides the aesthetics, I bought these to replace my chrome plated weight horns - the chrome was chipping at the edges where I slid the weights on and off.

These have not disappointed - the look, build quality, and sturdiness is exactly what I was looking for.

(Mounted on a REP PR-4000)

Impressive quality, super sturdy, tight form factor

I actually got these to attach to the end of lever arms (rep iso arms) because I didn’t like the amount of space the included, removable handles took up. I especially hated the chrome finish which sounded like nails on a chalk board loading weights.

The Kleva plate storage pair takes up a single 1” hole (with included adapter) and is as or more sturdy than the weight pegs included with the rack that eat up 4 pegs.

Installation is dead simple. The finish is exceptionally premium. Plates slide on with ease and securely. Loading plates sounds like zipping up a jacket. And, while this plate storage peg isn’t going anywhere, standard collars do clamp right down on the weight peg to keep things securely in place.

I can now leave the lever arms on my rack without a massive footprint using these weight pegs and mutant metal removable handles. Not sure what other folks are interested in this for, but for my use case I couldn’t be more excited to have stumbled upon the perfect solution.